TLIC3005 Drive heavy combination vehicle

Course overview

This course is designed for individuals who are looking to apply for a Heavy Combination (HC) licence class the course is delivered consistent with the National Unit of Competency and as an authorised DoT agent assessment is conducted to the required licence standard. During training and assessment you will cover the following core areas

Conducting pre-start vehicle checks
Correct, safe and efficient driving techniques (manoeuvring, reversing, power management, braking and positing the vehicle)
Fatigue management
Low risk driving behaviours
Managing emergencies and hazardous situations
Trip planning
Coupling and uncoupling procedures
Relevant legal requirements

What you can drive

A Heavy Combination is a prime mover to which is attached a semi-trailer plus any unladen converter dolly, or rigid motor vehicle attached to a trailer that has a vehicle mass greater than 9 tonnes plus any unladen converter dolly.

If you are authorised to drive HC class vehicles you may drive any:
Motor vehicle, other than a motorcycle or motor carrier, that is attached to a semi-trailer or trailer that has a GVM exceeding 9 tonnes
Heavy Rigid (HR) Medium Rigid (MR), Light Rigid (LR), Car class (C)


Obtaining a HC licence can lead to higher class vehicles, such as, multi-combination (MC)
Growing use of articulated heavy vehicles to meet freight task demands is likely to ensure continued employment opportunities for suitably qualified drivers

Experience requirements

To be eligible to apply for a HC class licence, you must have one of the following Western Australian licence classes:
A Car (C class) licence for at least 3 years; and
A Medium Rigid (MR class) heavy vehicle licence for at least 1 year; or
A Heavy Rigid (HR class) heavy vehicle licence for at least 1 year
For more information regarding this class of licence

HC Licence conditions

There are 3 types of licence restrictions– these are due to the different gearboxes types
Condition A; This is the most restrictive HC class as drivers are restricted to automatic vehicles
Condition B; Training and assessment is conducted with the synchromesh (single clutch) gearbox. Drivers are restricted to vehicles with either automatic or synchromesh gearboxes
Unrestricted; Training and assessment is conducted using a constant mesh ‘road ranger’ gear box, which requires operators to double clutch. This class is the least restrictive as drivers are able to drive automatic, synchromesh or road ranger HC class vehicles.

Booking information

To book or find out more contact one of the friendly team at CMT, information required at time of booking include:
USI number to find out more click here
Drivers licence number and expiry date
Ability to pay course deposit (required to secure bookings)

Typical training blocks

The amount of training will vary depending on an individual’s driving ability and experience to provide you with the greatest flexibility we offer hourly lessons, one-day and two-day training blocks. Contact our experienced staff to discuss and tailor a driving plan to meet your needs.



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